Similar Sites Directory Script

Similar Sites Directory Script provides similar and related website links, It stores millions of websites and their similar links, with page screen shoots, favicon, keywords and description.

User can find relevant websites and can do keyword base search, User login to manage bookmarks and favorites.


This script has following important features:

  1. Automatically website thumbnail generations
  2. Add a similar site form
  3. Custom Meta Tags
  4. Search Engine Friendly URLs
  5. Do follow link to sites
  6. iFrame site browsing
  7. Popular Tags
  8. Popular Bookmarks
  9. FAQs
  10. Admin Panel

Technologies Used & Features:

  1. PHP & MySQL
  2. Jquery
  3. Ajax
  4. HTML & CSS

System Requirements:

  1. PHP 5.x.x
  2. MySQL
  3. Exec Shell Command Enabled
  4. Linux Hosting

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