Why every organization needs a website today

Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Posted by Katie Harris
Category e-Business

Website becomes an integral part of today's business world. There are number of benefits associated with websites. Each organization needs to provide its information to its customers, employees and other stake holders. A company that does not have any kind of online dealing or trade but it needs a website to give information to its stake holders about their company. Everybody have access to the internet these days and people have no time to visit a company office and they do not want to spend money to buy an informational booklet of that company. A customer who wants to purchase product of a company also wants to know about the company stores, outlets or sale points, its history, portfolio, experience and reviews of other customers.

Today internet solves this problem many of websites provides free of cost reviews and information regarding brands and companies. But they cannot list each and every company that exist or its related information. So a customer cannot be satisfied until a company provides it’s all information themselves on their website. This is the main reason a company must have a website. There are many other reasons to have a website; I have listed most common reasons here

Providing online support

Providing product specifications or service details is a kind of online support. But in reality online support means more vast, when a customer purchase a product he may needs to contact you to submit its feedback about product, or may needs to submit a complain. Customer can do this via your company website. Many websites provide online feedback forms on their websites for their customers to send their feedbacks and complain from anywhere in the world. In return your company representative can contact your customer via email to phone to solve his/her problem. It will give your new and old buyers a new confidence about your company and builds a trust on your products. On other hand same situation can be seen on services side. A client can take information about your services including timing and venues.

Selling products and offering services online

Selling products and serving client online is basic and important use of internet. Your customers can see product catalog and get product related details from his place. So it saves their time and also decrease unnecessary crowed in markets. Peoples today have more informative and they are well aware about their shopping goods. When they left for shopping they already have all details which product they are going to buy that suite their needs and budget, also where to buy that product.
On services side many of services related websites offers their clients to book a time slot and venue online. So a client does not need to waste their time to get an appointment personally. He or she may get appointment from any location. A popular example is to order a pizza via website and collecting pizza from shop at right time without wasting time in queue.

Advertising your business

Today millions of peoples use internet and internet provides large number of audience for advertisements. Online advertisement has number of advantages which other kind of advertising does not have. Online advertisement targets each visitor separately. It target location, demographics, language and interest. Like a gaming website has only games related ads. On the other hand advertiser can choice which ad to show when a German visitor comes from USA. Dream of digital advertising comes true. Today billions of dollars are spend on online marketing and advertisement. This is more than any other mean of advertisement.

Issues, Cases and Politics

Websites does not serve only business world. It is supreme important in politics and organizational matters. Now politicians, activists and scholars meet their followers and members online. Collect donations and spend their donation though internet. It provides them deep reach in masses. This is the main reason most of politicians and activist have their own websites.
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