Running ad serving website and ad network business

Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Posted by Katie Harris
Category e-Business

Advertising networks are becoming very popular in online advertising world, Thousands of companies spending billions of dollars on online marketing and advertisement. It is more than print, TV or any other way of advertising in some part of world.

Millions of peoples visiting websites and they share common interests, demographics and passion. In such a situation online adverting network websites becomes first choice for business marketers for their advertisement campaigns.
Ad networks are not only choice because of large number of audience, but it is more cost effective and realistic. An advertiser has full control over his advertising campaign. He surely knows how many people visiting his ads and doing transactions with his business due to his campaigns. It provides real time tracking and monitoring. Dream of digital advertising comes true.

Today if we see there are many of the adverting network websites working on internet. Each website works like an advertising agency. Both advertisers and publisher creates their profiles and spend and earn through those websites, Google Adword and Adsense becomes very popular. Mean while adbrite and clicksor like companies start working and have a large share in online advertisement.

Many people now think of running their own adverting network websites. it is a profitable business. No need to spend extra money on office, location or any kind of permission. Just you need to start an online advertising agency is three small things.

  1. Domain name
  2. Hosting
  3. Advertising network website script

You can buy an adverting network script for your website from anywhere on internet. There are many companies providing such scripts. But there is a problem how to choice best script that does a good business for you and makes your clients feel better and gives full control over their income and expenses. Here i have listed some of important features you should see before buying an adverising script

  1. Publisher Panel
  2. Advertiser Panel
  3. Publishers submitted websites approval
  4. Keyword base campaigns
  5. Country, devices, operating system and language targeted ads and campaigns
  6. Multi-languages support to work world wide
  7. Cash per click and cash per thousand impressions payment terms
  8. Various ad formats
  9. Anti-Cheat and invalid activity detection modules
  10. Powerful and up-to-date ad serving software
  11. Popular payment gateways like PayPal and credit card
  12. Advertiser and publisher support system

Above mentioned points are very important to learn and to keep in mind if you wish to start your online advertising network website or agency. If you Google for an ad network script, you may find several results but no script in market can really compete clicksor, adbrite or adword in reality. many companies claim that their scripts can compete. but in reality does not.

We here at aCyberSolutions developing several kinds of scripts and we have large number of satisfied client all over the world. We have served large number of online business groups and companies. There were continues demands and offers for developing an advertising network website script. We have decided and launched this as a project. We researched best techniques and practices to develop an ad serving script and ad network website. Finally we have developed an ad network script. Here you can read more about ad network script Click Here to Go

If you are interested to buy this script after reviewing its features, you can submit a quote to get its pricing and package. Send Quote