Increase your earning creating similar sites directory website

Tuesday, December 17, 2013
Posted by Andrea Iberti
Category e-Business

Starting an online business is a dream of every one who use internet. We spend several hours on internet chatting, searching, exploring and doing several tasks. Professionals and non professionals all are using internet for their own purposes every day. Use of internet is not limited to only commercial work, entertainment and social interaction, its use is beyond the limits.

Whenever and wherever you connect with internet, you browse a website. All information and operations are hosted on remote servers and presented by websites. A website phenomenon is as old as internet. If you are reading this article you must also aware the importance and use of website.

Today I am going to give you several tips about a specific website related business, that is in your hand. Peoples are wondering for good business ideas, some have ideas but do not know How to implement those ideas. It is difficult to find all solutions under one umbrella.

Answer to this problem is simple but not final. You can find several similar terms to start business and guidelines. Today I will make my best effort to pin down all requirements. Here are the key points you must follow to start earning or increase your existing earning via internet.

1. Choose a kind of website

You need to choose a kind of website for your business, that you better understand and related to your experience. This stage is very difficult. More you think for do planning more easily you earn. Here is a better plan to start a Similar Website Directory

i. Importance: There are millions of websites, you use daily, but some time you does not get satisfied answer from a single website even that is Google. This is the time for you to provide such audience a well managed and planned directory to surf similar website according to a common user problem. For example if someone looking for a website related to a kind of decease. How he will find from a search engine? My answer is Impossible! She/he needs a proper guidance. So a Similar Sites Directory is the answer.

ii. Overview and Working: Similar sites directory is a self compiled directory. You and your audience will build up this directory. What you need to do ? You just needs to setup this directory and your users will add new websites and suggest related websites. You will do moderation and this way your similar sites directory will continue its journey to success.

2. Design Website

Design is very important. You need to choose a brilliant design that catch eyes and motivate a desire to be part of such amazing website. For specifically an ideal website directory must have a decent look, not so bright colors and not dim. Do some art work and show symbols to guide users, How they can start search, finding and suggesting related websites.

3. Contents Plan

Contents are very important for search engines, descriptive, detailed and meaningful contents help your directory in ranking. Make a effective content plan. Your contents are the link of websites, their description and tags. But it is not ended here, You have blog attached to Similar Sites Directory, You must post informative articles and posts about websites trends and features of websites. You can write articles about famous websites, this will help users to know more about such websites and their interest in searching will increase.

4. Promote Your Website

You have number of ways to promote your website, Similar Sites Directory is build search engine friendly, most of well known search engines gives very encouraging results with this directory script. Anyhow you have to keep some key points in your mind for its promotion. Here i have provide some details

i. Meta Tags: Give Meta tags, Meta title, description and keywords. It is very useful for search engine bot to crawl and find relevancy of search query on your website.

ii. Social media: You must have created, fan page on facebook and suggest your fan page to your friends to like and follow, you must post related stories on your page. Use twitter and get followership to maintain your existence on this great social media platform. Create another fan page on Google plus. Google Plus is also one of the biggest social media group. Last but not least, you should be part of the all other social media platforms, I have provided most of them here, for your ease.

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Pinterest
  3. Tumblr
  4. Flickr
  5. VK
  6. Instagram
  7. DeviantArt
  8. MySpace
  9. CafeMom
  10. Tagged
  11. Meetup
  12. LiveJournal
  13. Bebo
  14. Friendster
  15. Orkut

These mentioned social networking websites have different nature of users, so you can choose some of appropriate class of audience to target your campaigns. You can get lots of visits daily and regular users from these networks easily.

iii. Traditional SEO and Promotions: There are several traditional SEO techniques still valid and useful these days. I will try to explain and brief you about their usability and working, It is very simple to use these techniques. You can do forums postings, blog commenting, link exchange and press releases. All of the traditional techniques should be used in legal and authenticated way, please avoid spamming.

5. Operate Your Business

Now it’s time to sit down and receive earnings, you need to choose a way of earning, it can be an affiliate product selling, advertisement or join an ad network like adsense. These three popular ways are very effective. Millions of webmasters earning high volume of income from these sources. If you choose to sell affiliate products you will get percentage of their profit per sale. For an advertisement you will get cash per click and cash per impressions/visits.

Remember: you should keep working on your contents and find better ways to promote your website on several channels with consistency.