How to watch your position in web business

Wednesday, June 08, 2011
Posted by Katie Harris
Category e-Business

Losing weight is one of the biggest torturing obsessions people  impose on themselves. It’s just all about the need to feel beautiful, secure, and attractive in one’s own body.  It’s an individual choice. But many people are so obsessed with watching their body weight that their fat-drained diet is also endured by their businesses. On the web, the contrast is enormous. You need to be OBESE to be attractive, secure, and to healthily  increase your business lifespan. You need to be overweight by stuffing your online business with delicious content, creamy web design, sugary web development, and absolutely oily products that will make the lives of their users better.  The YOU here is your WEBSITE.  Your website definitely needs to be obese if you intend to gain street respect in the web’s fiercely competitive market.  If you have been starving your website with your diet, here is how to turn the tables and start getting  great results in your business.

1. Consult a website dietitian.

You need expert guidance from a web master who has prodigious mastery of  your specialized online business market. The needs and expectations of consumers vary according to your products. There is not one universal way to fatten up the look and feel of your website. A hard rock musician with a pinkish web design clad with teddy bears, doesn’t need a competitor to fling him out of business. That alone will show he has a distorted sense of what his career is all about, and no one will follow him. Meanwhile, a website for expecting mothers will have a great attracting effect on anyone who stumbles on their pinkish website clad with teddy bears. An expert web design company will know how to guide you in choosing an oily design that works for you.

2. Follow a Website Trainer:

The best weight you can gain on the web is the weight of traffic weighing on your website everyday. Traffic is gotten by SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO company Pether Solutions advises you to mercilessly feed your website with the keyword and link-building techniques. If your keywords are not fat enough, you will not show up on search Engines, which are responsible for 80% of traffic on websites. Notice that you have to forever optimize your website to forever be on the TOP Search Engines rankings. It is an eternal battle from which you cannot afford to bail out. That is why you need a trainer who knows all the strategies you need to win this battle by keeping your website overweight.

Here is a little secret from aCyber Solutions: Search for daily trends(what people are typing in those search engines) and see how to creatively fit these trends in your content as keywords such that people will find you even if they were not searching your products directly.

3. EAT from the best web development restaurants.

Your website needs to be fed the best website development you can find. An obese website is one whose weight extends to every device that is connected to the Internet. Your best bet is mobile phone development. The extra profits you can reap from a mobile version of your website is tremendous. See more about Mobile Website Development in our article: Becoming An American Idol