Effective use of social media for websites and today businesses

Thursday, December 12, 2013
Posted by Andrea Iberti
Category SEO

Use of social media platforms becomes very vital these days. Today’s cyber shape is quite different then past. Social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Facebook are very popular, other social media platforms are also very useful. It makes an industry of social media tools. Social media websites like facebook has over one billion monthly users that is an amazing high volume of flow of traffic that you can use to market your product and services. Simply i would like to say no one can ignore this bulk of traffic easily, using social media is very cost effective way of increasing your business span and audience.

Here today I want to give you very important and key tips to make fruitful use of social media for your website.

1. Social media planning

Planning is very important, even we start a small task or large one we need a solid plan. Answer some important questions while you make a plan. Why your specific business needs a social media. Sort out basic key points to better engage your business with social media. Now set your goals for each key point to achieve using social media. Once you identify your short-term and long-term targets. You can move forward to execute your plan.

2. Create attractive and useful contents

Good contents are always useful and important on web business. Even at the begging of websites and today. Search engines love contents and you can inspire and amazed your audience with great contents. Now it’s time to find out specific and your business related contents, it is better to figure out current trends and public demands, simply ask yourself "What they are looking for?"

Make a daily, weekly, month and occasionally content plan to introduce your business motivate about your products and services, more on this you can update with new ideas and little bit fun to make your customers better engaged with your business in a social manner.

Don't forget to provide regular updates, if you provide daily update, It will be useful.

3. Choose effective social media channels

There are large number of social media groups and websites with different class and interests. You can choose to target your specific group that most closer to your ideas. For your idea i am trying to mention some of the social media websites with their characteristics to help you find out how you can choose a better social media channel.

i. Facebook: Over 1 billion users with majority of youth especially females. Here you have peoples from all over the globe. You can easily target students, professional or house wives for your specific product and service. Facebook becomes a real platform of marketing and business for almost all kinds of companies. You can create your business Fan Page, Company Profile and Group. Here at your site on facebook you can provide updates and information to your connections. Gradually you can increase your audience and fellowship.

ii. Twitter: Second largest social media platform with about 500 million users. Twitter is equally popular among professionals, politics, superstars and leaders likewise general public. Twitter proves itself an effective way to reach target audience from anywhere in the world.

You can create your company page, product page and service page to provide latest updates to your followers. You can give a message, promo or offer from one tweet to all. This special feature makes twitter simply 'Awesome'

iii. LinkedIn: A network of professionals, It is best Business to Business social networking platform with over 200 million regular users. Companies, employers, employees, service providers and general peoples use this network and trust on this. You can create your company, product or service related page with details, like portfolio, screen shoots and key features. Like other social networks LinkedIn also provides a kind of fellowship using its Connect feature.

iv. Google Plus: Recently evolved, backed by strong Google, have pleasant features. Google plus also provides quite similar features in modern and easy way to market your product and service through your social media linking. It provides circles. You can create a specific circle under one profile to target specific peoples included in that circle. Google plus also provides the feature of Fan Page.

4. Define your goals

You should now set your goals. You can make per day, weekly or monthly basis. You can make specific goals for better results. More likes on facebook fan page and more followers on twitter will not be suitable approach. I recommend you to follow these pin points.

i. Interact with users in better way to convert them onto your website/product page.

ii. Encourage them using your better and appealing contents to register, purchase or subscribe to your product/services.

iii. Develop interest in them, to receive your newsletters and promotions.

5. Engage with your audience in better way

You must interact with your audience. You should take advantage of social media platforms. Your final goal is to convince them to visit your website and make a purchase or deal. You can do this in number of ways like

i. Ask their opinions about your product and services

ii. Offer deals and coupons

iii. Be part in their occasions, especially Charismas, New Year or on their birth days.

iv. Just not only post for your audience, Also creates interaction with comments.